We, as Gulport Port Services Inc., established an analysis laboratory for feeds and raw materials on 18.08.2018 with the main aim of supplying safe raw materials to our clients. Within this framework, many analyses on all kinds of feed and raw materials, especially fish meal and fish oil, are being conducted.

All our equipment has been chosen carefully within the internationally reliable brands. Similarly, all our analyses are made in accordance with the well-accepted international methods

Each sample is analyzed at least twice. Our plant has been established with an infrastructure according to the scope of TSE En ISO 17025 and we have been working to get included within this scope.

Besides providing safe services to our clients, maintaining control over the suppliers is our second priority.

In our laboratory, besides the main raw material analyzes such as moisture, protein, cellulose, oil, ash, and starch analyzes, specific analyzes such as PDI, TVBN, ABD pepsin digestibility, which are important in fish meal, are performed. In all kinds of oils, particularly in fish oils, various analyses are conducted to evaluate the moisture, FFA, peroxide, anisidine values. Additionally, EPA and DHA ratios are examined in the GC device by looking at the fatty acid composition.